‘Gorgeous Chick’ MAHD #traphippie #exclusive

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Detroit’s MAHD. The Detroit native son is currently working on his second studio project. The first MAHD Almighty was met with rave reviews from artists, and journalists alike. MAHD Almighty featured the fan favorites Red Lipstick and Foundation. For his latest project he channeled his discreet musical selection to create the best album possible. The process took over two years from the day he recorded the lead single ‘Hello Detroit’ up until now. His approach to albums is similar to that of a painter who carefully imagines the scene several times over before he even picks up his brush. His careful approach is something common among Detroit artists who often find themselves as bridges to the city’s historical past and promising future. When asked does he feel any pressure coming from Detroit he dismisses the notion easily, “No, there’s not any pressure because there is not any one particular sound or type of artist I would compare myself to or compete with because there are so many different types music in Detroit right now … I rep my city well.”

For MAHD rapping was a birthright, he grew up around the music industry influenced by his older siblings and cousins. He claims his biggest influence is Detroit Hip Hop noting artists like Slum Village, J Dilla, Eminem, Guilty Simpson, and Fat Cat as some of his favorite influences. His favorite albums Fantastic Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Slum Village and Ode to the Ghetto by Guilty Simpson help to shape his lyrical ear. After being a fan of music for several years he decided in 2010 to pursue music full time, “I was hearing from artists I looked up to or came up on but it wasn’t connecting, so I decided to make music that I would like to hear. Essentially I was no longer satisfied so I decided to do it myself.”

His latest project details a year in the life of MAHD, specifically the year 2013. During 2013 MAHD points to the infinite obstacles he encountered as the muse for his talent. For inspiration he points to his daughter, “[her] birth plays a big part . . . I mention her a lot on my upcoming project.” Although MAHD shares a close relationship with his daughter, his studio persona is somewhat of a hermit, “I don’t like recording with people around because when you see the process of a project you miss out of the feeling of hearing it for the first time.” In the phone interview he notes he even kicks his band Fresh Londre out of the studio, “Fresh Londre is more of a performance band an opportunity for me to elevate my sound.” MAHD assembled the group of young Detroit natives to bring a different sound to D-town’s rapping scene. For this project MAHD relied on producers A Will, Seville, and Belee but hints that Fresh Londre will play a much bigger role in future projects.

Impressively he has a clear vision of his rap career so when asked the hardest part of recording his answer supports his benign confidence, “Recording is easy but the hardest part is becoming attached to songs and having to cut them from your project.” Although MAHD refuses to expound upon any tracks that were cut from the currently unnamed project he reveals the project features Cali, K Young and A Will, thirteen tracks, and plans to drop sometime in September. The story is really the journey of a “young man who leaves home to rediscover himself encountering interesting people learning from those experiences in order to grow mentally before returning home to improve his situation.” This Trap Hippie Exclusive Gorgeous Chick is our first glimpse of MAHD’s new project, listen below:


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