Nikki Minaj Needs a Beyonce Fan . . .

So we all know the Beyonce Fan (Beyonce’s wind controlled fan during her performances) represents not literally a fan or fans like the Beehive but a team dedicated to her looking flawless ever second of ever day. I was recently catching up on the AMA performances I missed (the one’s scheduled during CBS ‘The Goodwife’) and of course I was disappointed in Nikki’s performance. I think the choice of song ‘Bed of Lies’ off her upcoming sophomore album The PinK Print was awesome. It was a clear choice for a broad audience but the overall performance could have easily been enhanced with a Pills N Potions intro. I thought Skylar Grey’s all white outfit was in poor taste, she should have been wearing a black suit to compliment and accompany Nikki’s White dress/gown (not sure if was either lol). I get Young Money was going for a softer look and sound but the dress was not flattering to Nikki’s signature figure however it wasn’t unflattering so it could have been worse. The visual graphics were horrible. In concert performances graphics are always an opportunity to take your performance to next level. Bad graphics make or break stage performances for TV audiences when minor details don’t translate as easily on screen. All in all it’s clear that Nikki’s team is still adapting to the minor details. Her first album was good music in an easy package, big hair, colorful makeup, and all things glitter but with less of a distraction on this album the details matter more. Her hair has to be perfect. Her lighting has to be perfect. Her sound has to be perfect. Her camera angles have to be perfect. ETC. As a female rapper she has to meet different (higher) standards than most males, an unfair expectation, but she will sell more albums in the right package than any male rapper i.e. Iggy. My suggestion, get Beyonce’s team and/or get your team right. Period. Push The Pink Print, Pills N Potions and all. Lastly I will admit the track listing featuring Beyonce, Meek Mill, and Skylar Grey reenergized my interest in the album although I may not cop it until the top of the year I definitely plan to hear it on December 15th.

Watch Pills N Potions & Bed of Lies below:


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