Digital Update: DishNetwork Is the First TV provider to offer Streaming Packages

Earlier today Dish Network announced they will offer an online streaming programing featuring 12 channels including Cable giants ESPN, CNN and TNT. The offering will be available at the beginning of this year. Although I am not sure if this will be good or bad for programming but hopefully we end up with more quality production shows instead of more reality TV. Only time will tell but I am getting Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chrome TV etc. asap in preparation. I definitely think TV in general is going the way of streaming and soon enough your Cable channels will look exactly like Apps on your iPad with each Cable provider or even networks offering separate packages of limited channels. For example HBO will begin offering solo streaming this year on I am assuming all these will be available on a Roku like system and if that is case Cable (Time Warner, Uverse, & Comcast) will need to get extremely cheaper to compete because with a Roku and streaming plan you can get ESPN and HBO for $30/month plus Netflix for an extra $10 on your TV and you are good to go!


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