10 Facts from the Lil Wayne v Cash Money complaint

1. Lil Wayne signed to Cash Money in 1998
2. Including the Carter V Wayne still has three albums left on his current contract
3. Lil Wayne receives one/third of Drake’s net profits
4. Cash Money has failed to pay Lil Wayne a negotiated $8M advance on royalties per album
5. Cash Money has failed to maintain in escrow $1M for Young Money overhead costs
6. Lil Wayne owns a minority stake in Young Money (49%)
7. Cash Money has failed to account for millions of dollars in marketing fees for Young Money
8. Lil Wayne alleges $25M in damages for anticipatory breach
9. Drake and Nicki are the only artists signed to Young Money (speculative)
10. Cash money has refused to be audited by Young Money (industry standard is once per year)

In reading the complaint, a lot of the contract terms don’t make sense because they are conflicting. In most cases they will default to industry standards and if that is the case, Wayne will be the one holding the bag. View the full complaint here.


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