Youtube Makeup Guru Michelle Phan Fights Back Against Ultra Records Infringement Claims

Apparently Youtube sensation and makeup guru Michelle Phan is a huge fan of electronic dance music artist Kaskade.Phan has featured Kaskade in more than 30 of her Youtube videos over the course of the last seven years. Phan has over 1 Billion lifetime views and endorsements with Target and Youtube. The struggling makeup artist took to Youtube to grow her brand and business years later she is working on a make-up line and building an empire just in time for a payday for Ultra Music.

The company claims Phan willfully violated Ultra’s Copyright in over 45 songs including those from it’s most popular artist Kaskade. Kaskade on the other hand has voiced strong support for Phan, “Summary: I’m not suing @MichellePhan + @ultrarecords isn’t my lapdog. I can’t do much about the lawsuit except voice support for her.” Phan is refusing to take the copyright infringement claims sitting down alleging in a separate complaint that UltraMusic has acted in bad faith attempting to interfere in her contractual relationship with Youtube. It is clear that UltraMusic and Michelle Phan began negotiations over music placement in her videos beginning in 2009 but the two dispute the results of such negotiations leading to this lawsuit. Hopefully Phan learns a valuable lesson, best practice is to always get it in writing.


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