The Best in Hand Poured Scents

In my home I am burning the more affordable Lilac Blossom scent by DW Home. It is the fragrance I usually burn on Saturday mornings. The aromas illuminate my living room reminding me of a crisp ocean breeze during early Spring. My other favorites include Jasmine Bergamot, Basil Cucumber, Mimosa Cardamom, and Champagne. Candles are one of the simplest luxuries, prices begin around $8 to $300 depending on your taste. One of most expensive burning scents I have purchased is French Boudoir by Kilian available at Bergdorf Goodman. A large size candle should burn between 40 – 60 hours. Wax and wood wicks are preferred to minimize carbon emissions in your home. The best way to preserve your candles burning time is to trim the wick to 1/4 inch before lighting. Always use a match gas lighting is just ewww!

Credits: Jo Malone, Capri Blue, Aquiese, PaddyWax, Kilian, Guerlain, Archipelago, Voluspa, DW Home, and Diptyque;


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