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Who Wore What? #GrammysStylešŸŽ»

Beyonce, Adele, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood what more can you ask for than the best of music to show out for one night a year. Congratulations to all the Grammy (golden gramophone) winners and fashion losers. CBS will reair The Recording Academy’s finest night on Friday, February 17!

Adidas Bets Their Brand On Rockets James Harden

As far as brand recognition, quality and intellectual property are concerned I honestly think this was a bold move by a desperate Adidas brand looking to remain relevant in American basketball. There are several concerning points:

1. Harden is not even the best player or most popular player on his team (bias: I went to HS with Dwight Howard)

2. Aside from this $200M 13 year deal the most recent news regarding Harden was his relationship with Khloe Kardashian (Not Kim).

3. Harden does not have a signature move, I am not an avid basketball fan but his past playoff performances have been less than memorable (featuring the lacks of electrifying dunks, great passes, or even buzzer three pointers)

4. Adidas is in a bind (Derrick Rose injuries have prevented his shoe from selling well plus John Wall’s Reebok shoe was a flop) and (Under Armor has surpassed Adidas in the US apparel market plus Adidas is selling less shoes than New Balance and Skechers and literally no basketball shoes at all)

5. Adidas may be banking too much on the Kardashian connection (Kanye West has already released two signature shoes with Adidas and West could eventually be Harden’s brother in law.) Which we can all assume is pretty desperate for a recognized athletic apparel brand.

6. Adidas is ignoring the elephant in the room (Quality). Over the years Adidas has been a reputable brand at a signature price point. This price point is no longer selling well amongst competitors Nike and Under Armor so it may be time to reduced the price point by sacrificing a little quality in oder to maintain marketshare. (Adidas say hello to bargain buyouts!).

7. What happens when Harden gets traded?? (Thanks to Yao Ming Houston has a strong international brand presence among Pan-Asian markets).

PS just one girl’s opinion on brand recognition and quality.

Katy Perry is Untouchable in Missouri

The Eastern District of Missouri surprisingly held that Katy Perry is not subject to the minimum contacts needed for personal jurisdiction within their state even though she is an internationally known and recognized superstar. Bare with me because my knowledge of personal jurisdiction is limited but if Katy ever performed musically within the state she we would meet the requirements for personal jurisdiction however the court applied a very strict land-o-nod test which limits Katy’s jurisdiction to what seems to be purposeful action. This case involves copyright infringement over the internationally distributed song Dark Horse ft Juicy J produced by Dr. Luke but none the less the federal court in Missouri refused to recognize their jurisdiction over Perry.

This case sets a very strict precedent for personal jurisdiction in copyright infringement claims ignoring Katy’s presence in the state from 2011 – 2014 when she performed the song Dark Horse and the commercial distribution of Dark Horse within the state.

Drake v Meek proves Soundcloud is the best in streaming Apps

In case you guys missed the Drake v Meek beef over Drake’s apparent ghostwriter Quentin Miller . . . the definite winner was Soundcloud. Both artists used Soundcloud to premiere their much anticipated diss tracks. Catch them below:

While Meek’s track was lackluster (and who is TIP pissing on?) compared to Drake’s the winner was Soundcloud because Soundcloud’s accessibility is simply unmatched by any other streaming platform.

Cash Money Sues Tidal over Lil Wayne’s ‘Free Weezy’

According to TMZ Cash Money is suing Tidal for $50M over the streaming release of Lil Wayne’s latest mixtape ‘Free Weezy Album’ on Tidal. Legally this is far fetched since Lil Wayne delivered his Carter V album to Cash Money over a year ago and the label has yet to distribute the album. On another point while Tidal is a paid streaming service they can easily be indemnified by Lil Wayne thus Cash Money’s dispute if any is with Wayne not Tidal and it definitely is not worth $50M.

Apple is ready to compete with Tidal

Apple’s new streaming service Apple Music will offer two paid subscription options similar to Tidal, one for $9.99 and the other premium option allowing up to six family members offered for $14.99. The major difference outside of the sharing option between the two services is the creators of the content, while Tidal has locked down female heavyweights Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj not to mention rappers Jay Z and J Cole Apple’s service is set to lock in Drake and Kanye West.

SoundCloud Inks Deal with Merlin

In awesome Indie news SoundCloud has inked a deal with Indie label organization Merlin. Merlin represents over 20,000 Indie record labels who will now have the opportunity to monetize their uploads with advertisements. This is a huge step towards SoundCloud’s ultimate goal of legitimizing all user content including podcasts, DJ mixes and remixes.